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Thank you for your interest in CANDYPOP
Here is a guide for international wholesale.
Please check the notice before you order.


-A Guide for International Wholesale Order

1. You should order at least 1,000,000won based on the sale price regardless of the quantity of the item(s).
2.If you order via e-mail, you will be informed the total price and shipping fee based on the wholesale prices.


-Shipping information for international wholesale

Once you complete the payment, your item(s) will be shipped via EMS (Express Mail Service) after a preparation period of about 5-10 days.
(The shipping free can vary depending on the weight and shipping country.)


-More information about the international wholesale

1.Your order will be cancelled if your payment is not confirmed within 7 days after you place an order.
2.No return will be accepted for overseas orders, so please ensure double check your item(s).
3.You will be charged for custom duties and taxes, which might be levied in your country.


Thank you.



e-mail : candypop47@naver.com


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